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About Sondra

imageSondra Briggs was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, but her family soon left the snow behind for a warmer climate. The sunny California lifestyle suits her optimistic personality. Sondra has found herself blessed with four children and now five grandchildren. Currently, she lives with her husband, Gerry, on a ranch in Somis, California.

Sondra’s career areas have varied from banking, teaching, real estate, journalism, and writing. Now, she has fulfilled a long-time goal to be in partnership with Bob Proctor in his Life Success business. The self-development work begun by Napoleon Hill and furthered by Proctor has had a tremendous impact on her life. She is now sharing this understanding of the laws that govern our mental and emotional behavior as surely as physical laws govern our physical world.

Sondra wrote Port Hueneme Beach Walks, which tells of her experiences meditating along a walking path. Sondra herself developed this process when she realized she just couldn’t sit still and meditate. Now, after writing Beach Walks, Sondra offers specifically targeted meditation walks at Port Hueneme Beach, Ventura Beach, Historic Old Town Ventura, and Meditation Mount in Ojai.

Client Testimonials

Sondra, you are special and an inspiration to me. I am blessed to know you all these years. You've once again got me thinking and excited. Even though my life is about work and mom right now, your life and pursuits make me think I can still accomplish some of my hopes and dreams. It is never too late.

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Sondra Briggs has put in writing the wisdom that she has learned from the ocean. She listened to the weather, the wind, and the surf. She whispers those lessons to us.

Dr. Priscilla L Partridge de Garcia
Clinical Psychologist
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